#Cleo – Acylic on plastic – Lee Rapira 2018

#cleo – Acrylic on plastic – 2018


When I was young, I didn’t think about being a girl, I just accepted it to be true; the body bits were there and I did feel girly. When playing outside with my brothers and cousins, being female didn’t enter my head, I mucked in because everything they could do, I could do too. That was until I was told, I couldn’t because…”you’re a girl”. While being a teenager and going through that gushy period, I began to read boys minds. I could see what they thought. Needless to say, it’s a very powerful thing. As I got older, I realized being female was much more complex. I could be feminine and soft but also channel the he-man, direct no-nonsense approach. Nurturing came easy as a single mum; being a disciplinarian 24/7, a different matter. So, I swung from the – he/she role-playing mode whenever necessary and by doing so became better equipped at doing life.

#Cleo acknowledges gender identity. It affirms and confirms the mixing of the sexes. Whether it’s a snapshot of a moment, a thought, a desire, it rejoices in the girl/boy, he/she story twist. #Cleo is art without judgement at a time when gender equality and gender neutrality is on the increase worldwide.